Dropshipping is a method of business in which products after selling are transferred to a third person for shipping

In dropshipping, products are not stocked but the seller store transfers them to the supplier.


The supplier delivers it to the seller. In this method first order is taken from the customer via an online website, then the seller buys that product from someone other and then drops it to the buyer. 


For instance: if someone wants to sell glasses via eCommerce platforms. He selects the products and posts the advertisement.

When a buyer wants to buy that, he picks it from that place and delivers it to the buyer, and receives payment. It is an extension of eCommerce.


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How can you do dropshipping?

If you have some products in your view on someone’s shop or online store, you can take pictures of that products and place the pictures on the online platform. When the buyer selects the product, you can sell it to the buyer by picking it up from there.

How can you gain profit?

Let’s suppose you want to sell glasses. Its cost demanded from you is 10 dollars. But you post the advertisement with a price tag of 15 dollars. When you get the buyer, you can pick it up for 10 dollars and deliver it for 15 dollars. You will gain a profit of 5 dollars. In this way, you can easily gain glasses.

Benefits of dropshipping:

  • You don’t need a specific platform to start your business.
  • Via drop shipping, we can expand the business globally.
  • Dropshipping takes less time.
  • It gives more profit in a short time.
  • It is a good business opportunity for youngsters and students.
  • After quarantine, most of the people are turned towards eCommerce.
  • Dropshipping is also an extension of eCommerce which is providing opportunities to lots of people.

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