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14 days to build your website

No card needed

Launch your eCommerce website with a few clicks.

Websites Built To Sell

Original themes that are made to convert users into paying customers.
Choose the one that suits you.

Analyze your data

Get weekly reports for your websites, low product notification, selling data, and more.

Free SSL Encryption

Your clients will feel safe when buying on your secured website, thanks to the SSL encryption that’s included with every Appeix website.

Embedded analytics

Insert Google Pixel, Facebook Pixel, and even Google Analytic to track your customers all over the site.

Easy and Intuitive

No need for plugins and extra costs – Get all of our features with any plan you choose.


Effortless management

Update your storefront, Show-off your brand and customize your website in just a few clicks. Monitor it all from your awesome dashboard

Powerfull dashboard

Add products, brands, categories and change the whole website design, all from the dashboard.

Always in Sync

Don’t worry about the data, always be synchronized

More features

We are more than an eCommerce tool. Explore our features, and satisfy your customers.

Easy customization

All your data is kept in our cloud storge, safe and secure.

Secure and fast

Our platform is built from zero, and always improving.

Powerful dashboard

Appeix clients are here to sell and build their eCommerce website.

Cloud upload

Change the whole site front theme with a click of a button.


Proven technology

Keep your customers and payment secure with our strong SSL.

98.99% satisfaction

Change the whole site front theme with a click of a button.


Collaborate with your team anytime, anywhere

All of your team can handle, edit, and add stuff to your web site. anytime, anywhere.

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